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Product Description

Basic website with landing page product description contact us gallery.


This product is recommended for companies that generate business through low volume, high-value, sales through "face-to-face" meetings.  The "face-to-face" meetings could be online meetings.

The online advertising campaigns for this type of site that you should consider are escalated clicks and calls as your goal would be to drive meeting requests.

This would usually mean that the product is more complex or priced to high for an impulsive purchase decision.


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The customer zone includes the following:

Accounts including statement and invoices

Downloads - area where your client can download either paid for or free media.


The staff zone is an area where your team are able to login and have access to the following:

Business chat room


Software links

Secure large file transfers

Secure file storage and management

The customer relationship allows you team to keep track of all their respective customers

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