Public Facing Website

Search engine optimised professional website that offers a full featured design area.  Offering easy to use and add modules to enhance the functionality.  Unlimited possibilities from a Facebook type of website to a online shop or just a catalogue. 

Extranet - Customer facing area

Customers can login to their own exclusive back-end and have access to accounts data - custom downloads - chat room to chat to your team or other members - exam rooms and the list goes on.

Intranet - Team facing area

Your team now have a real-time collaboration area, an environment that offers 24-hour access to company information, the ability to send and receive large files and many other useful online business services.  Make use of these powerful tools while removing your companies exposure to free software and the associated privacy issues.

Customer relations manager

Accelerate your sales with our leading customer relations manager (CRM) known as Wingman.  Your sales team are able to keep track of all sales opportunities while offering management the ability to react to real-time sales data.